Root Canal Treatment


Dog & Cat Root Canal Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Endodontic therapy, also known as root canal therapy, has a 96% success rate in dogs. Doctors at Carefree Dentistry and Oral Surgery for Animals have performed hundreds of these procedures. Typically, root canal therapy is performed on either nonvital teeth (discolored) or fractured teeth. Within the center of each tooth is a canal. The canal houses the blood supply and nerves and this tissue is referred to as the pulp.

Root canal therapy consists of three steps. The first step is to clean the canal. The second step is to sterilize the canal and the third is obturation (fill the canal). All products used in veterinary root canal therapy are the same products that would be used on you, as no veterinary specific products exist. Root canal therapy is a much better option than extraction. Extraction carries the risk of jaw fracture and is highly invasive. In addition, the extraction of canine teeth (fangs) and chewing teeth will adversely affect form and function. Ask yourself, would you rather have a large tooth extracted and risk an extended recovery period and the pain associated with the extraction, or have root canal therapy whereby there is no recovery period?

Fractured tooth. The pink spot is the pulp. This is extremely painful
Post-op x-ray of successful root canal therapy

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