Carefree Dentistry and Oral Surgery for Animals

Where your pet is part of our Family


    Advanced Pet Dental Care in Carefree, AZ

    For those discerning pet owners who require state of the art dental and oral surgical care Carefree Dentistry and Oral Surgery for Animals is the place to be.  Our doctors have had years of extensive and advanced training in veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and anesthesia.  We focus entirely on dentistry and oral surgery therefore we have become nationally recognized (board-certifiedTM) in our skills and knowledge. Our doctors treat all issues related to teeth, oral trauma, and oral cancer. We are conveniently located in North Phoenix at the intersection of I-17 and Carefree Highway.

    Hours of Clinical Operation:
    Monday – Friday
    8am – 5pm
    Phone Availability:
    Monday – Friday
    8am – 10pm
    Phone Availability (Weekend):
    8am – 4pm

    State of the Art Equipment

    Carefree Dentistry and Oral Surgery for Animals has state of the art equipment. We have the most advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment, anesthetic machines, digital dental x-ray systems. In order to keep our patients safe, we require current pre-anesthetic blood testing (complete blood count and a biochemistry profile).