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Krystle Chester

Krystle Chester, Practice Manager

Krystle was born in New Mexico and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, along with her mother when she was a young girl. Graduating from Greenway High School in 2003, she promptly pursued further education at Apollo College, where she earned her certification as a Veterinary Assistant in 2004. Starting her professional journey in the veterinary field, she secured a position at a bustling 5-doctor general practice in central Phoenix in 2005. The following year, she transitioned to work under Dr. Chris Visser, a renowned Veterinarian and Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College™. With 16 years devoted to her role as a veterinary dental technician, she has encountered numerous career opportunities, particularly in dentistry training and practice management.


Krystle’s interests encompass natural light photography, hiking, and football spectating. During her leisure time, she cherishes moments with her three children – Natalie, Adrien, and Ysobel – and their beloved cats.

Ricardo Perez

Ricardo Perez, Team Lead

Ricardo is an Arizona native who was born and raised in South Phoenix. He grew up with a passion for learning, and loved going to school. After graduating high school in 2017, his career path was unclear. There were so many subjects he loved, mainly math and science. After taking a couple classes at Arizona State University, Ricardo was still unsure where he wanted his career to go. That was when a friend, who had gotten their certificate for veterinary assisting, told him how amazing the veterinary field was. After hearing that, something told him that was what he needed to do.  


Ricardo quickly jumped on the opportunity and obtained his certificate of veterinary assistant from Carrington College. After 2 years in the field, he was introduced to the specialty field of veterinary dentistry. The amount of help dentistry and oral surgery can provide for animals was what made him love and stay in the dentistry field for almost two years now. 


Outside of work, Ricardo is a huge fan of playing and watching sports. He is an Arizona sports fanatic, with his two most favorite teams being the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns. He loves to attend live games when given the opportunity. When there is free time, Ricardo also likes to spend time at home with his three pugs, Enzo, Ellie, and Petunia, and watch movies and tv shows. 

Stephanie Redhouse

Stephanie Redhouse, Brand Ambassador, Customer Service Manager

Stephanie was born and raised in Northern New Mexico where her love of veterinary medicine began. After 8 years of working in multiple aspects of a general practice hospital, Stephanie moved to sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Her work in general practice continued for another 3 years before finding her passion for canine and feline dentistry. Realizing the immediate impact that specialty dentistry & oral surgery has on a patient’s quality of life drives Stephanie’s continued interest and learning in veterinary dentistry. She worked at a multi-dentist veterinary specialty practice for 6 years before joining Carefree Dentistry & Oral Surgery for Animals.


Aside from helping patients and their people, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and two fur babies: Brew and Stout. They enjoy evening strolls through the neighborhood, hiking and visiting family in Nothern Arizona. When the weather isn’t so pleasant, her preferred indoor activities include reading, cleaning and organizing.

Jaycie Buzard

Jaycie Buzard

Jaycie was born and raised in Arizona. She received her Veterinary Assisting Certificate at Carrington College. She has over 2 years experience in the Veterinary field; she has a background in small animal specialty orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. Jaycie has a full house of four-legged family members and likes to spend her spare time with them. She has 3 dogs; an 8 year old Pit/American Bulldog mix named Wednesday, a 6 year old Pit mix named Boo and a 4 year old Chihuahua named Gomez. She also has 2 cats: Sig and Sniper. Jaycie also enjoys anything outdoors, scary movies and caffeine to keep up with our patients! 

Carly Dabbs
Carly Dabbs

Carly Dabbs

Carly, transitioned from California to Arizona in 2018. Her journey in the veterinary field began in 2015 as a CSR, where she swiftly discovered her passion for animal care. Progressing to a veterinary assistant, Carly continuously enhances her skills and knowledge, currently pursuing certification as a veterinary technician through Penn Foster.


Outside her professional pursuits, Carly efficiently manages family life with two boys. Alongside her husband, she explores local dining and breweries. Carly also engages in diverse hobbies like crafting, kickboxing, woodworking, and reading. Her commitment to both professional growth and personal interests underscores a well-rounded and dedicated individual.

Chaos the cat

Introducing Chaos: Our Clinic’s Energetic Feline Friend!

Chaos isn’t just a name, it’s a descriptor of the lively spirit that this furry friend brings to our veterinary dental clinic. Rescued on January 17th, 2024, Chaos quickly made himself at home, weaving his mischievous charm into the fabric of our workplace.


With his boundless energy and playful demeanor, Chaos adds an element of liveliness to our clinic. Whether he’s dashing around corners or engaging in impromptu games of hide-and-seek, Chaos keeps us all on our toes and never fails to bring smiles to our faces.


As the official mascot of Carefree Dentistry and Oral Surgery for Animals, Chaos embodies the spirit of resilience and companionship. His presence reminds us of the importance of compassion and care, not just for our animal patients but also for each other.


Next time you visit our clinic, be sure to say hello to Chaos. He’s not just a cat; he’s a beloved member of our team, spreading joy and warmth wherever he goes.

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