Dental X-rays


Pet Dental X-rays in Phoenix, AZ

Considering that up to 70% of our pet’s teeth are under the gumline, obtaining quality x-rays of every tooth is essential in performing a thorough oral examination. There is just no other way to evaluate a tooth adequately. Intra-oral x-rays (radiographs) are made using small radiographic films or digital sensors placed inside the patient’s mouth, similar to how we as humans have our teeth x-rayed.


These intra-oral radiographs provide high quality images for examination of individual teeth and/or sections of the jaws compared to standard-sized (head or whole body) veterinary x-rays. Because veterinary patients will not hold still with their mouth open when a radiograph or sensor is placed in the mouth, taking pet dental x-rays requires that the patient is placed under general anesthesia.

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