Level I- Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology


June 24, 2023    
7:30 am - 5:00 pm


8 hours of Continuing Education credit hours




Carefree Dentistry & Oral Surgery for Animals
3134 W Carefree Hwy, Ste A-1, Phoenix, AZ, 85086
Level I- Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology

Course description

This comprehensive course is geared towards both technicians and veterinarians, emphasizing the importance of team approach in veterinary dentistry. It combines lecture time and hands-on laboratory time, focusing on the basics of veterinary dentistry. The lectures will cover basic oral anatomy and pathology, dental radiography technique and interpretation, and the step-by-step COHAT procedure. The lectures will provide a solid knowledge base for implementing a higher level of dental care in general veterinary practices.

The wet lab portion of the course will give ample opportunity to each participant to practice obtaining diagnostic quality dental radiographs of the canine and feline patient, using cadaver specimens. We will also demonstrate performing a thorough oral examination and dental charting. In addition, we will offer a brief orientation into the use of loupes, and a detailed discussion about increasing client acceptance of treatment plans.

Each participant receives a complimentary basic periodontal instrument set ($75 retail value) to take home at the end of the class.

Although our Level I course covers basic procedures, it provides the participants the information and skills required in providing good quality dental care. Even if some information may be basic, it is strongly recommended for veterinarians to attend together with a technician interested in dental care. This way the communication between team members and the veterinary team and client will be dramatically improved. 




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